It’s been a full week (minus one morning) since I last went to school because of my fever, so tomorrow will be the first time in a week that I go. Needless to say that I’m pretty nervous.

You guys all know by now that I’m not the most talkative or social person around. For seven days my parents and my brother have been the only human beings I’ve seen, and I’ve only spoken to five other people via text (not even via call or anything, just via text), so being surrounded by this many people in one go in definitely going to be a bit of a shock to my brain.

I also missed a week’s worth of lessons including a pretty complicated chemistry one… and we have an exam on it on Thursday. I’m gonna need to work my butt off to understand what the hell the teacher was explaining while I wasn’t there.

I’m worried that people are gonna accuse me of faking it just to skip a week of work, too. I really shouldn’t be, but I am. If anything, I’m one of the most hardworking people in my class xD I can’t skip a single day without being stabbed by guilt and rushing in the next day full of apologies, so a full week killed me internally. (not that I particularly missed the social part of it)

Part of me is just kinda hoping that people will think I have the plague or something and not ask me too many questions, it might get awkward ^^’

Wish me luck for tomorrow ❤️


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